pga consultores empresariales

We are a firm of professionals specialized in different branches of the economic sciences, oriented in the creation of long term relationships with our clients, through the financial support of their businesses; relationships built on values such as loyalty, trust and respect, from our experience of more than 10 years as a company and about 20 years of the leaders of our areas, we always seek the complete satisfaction of their needs, since their success is also our company success
To meet your requirements, we have structured a portfolio of services in five work axes that can be articulated or separately, which are validated in more than 12 corporate accounts and that we do not hesitate to put at your disposal so that together we can achieve the objectives that are considered strategic for the achievement of your corporate goals.

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The PGA Group's mission is to provide solutions in business consulting services relevant and quality, creating long-term relationships of trust with them, based on the implementation of their corporate values for which we have a highly qualified team, in constant training and willing to contribute their knowledge in making more efficient, effective, and economical financial processes of its clients.


By the year 2028 we will be a reference company in Colombia in the provision of business consulting services, ranking us as one of the 5 largest companies of national capital in the Colombian territory, based on a strategy of alliances with our clients, innovating in the processes of service delivery and adapting to their requirements, becoming the tool that allows them to leverage the fulfillment of their strategic objectives as a company.


Trust: PGA has quality in the relationships that are established in the company, the dynamics are fluid and effective, the level of trust among employees is high and the relationships are very productive, and it is this same trust that we project with our clients. 
Loyalty: PGA ensures loyalty to its employees and clients, it is the mainstay when closing a deal, our intention is that everyone feels safe when working with our company. 
Credibility: We maintain the confidence in our service, since we deliver what we promise, this credibility we have earned over the years from the complete satisfaction of our clients. 
Teamwork: At PGA, our staff could work actively in the pursuit of a common goal, subordinating personal interests to the team's objectives, with the ability to set them and the capacity to give feedback integrating everyone's opinions.  
Commitment:PGA always plans a schedule for each of its commitments either with its staff or with the client; dates are stipulated to comply with each request. 

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