PGA has a portfolio of services that is not limited to respond to the requirements of its clients in financial/administrative matters, but it is also involved in the achievement of the objectives proposed for the processes that are entrusted by its clients, seeking to be part of the solution of the problems that arise in their achievement and not to remain in the necessary diagnosis, but not limited to it.

In order to satisfy the needs of your clients, we develop a portfolio of services in 4 work axes, which are articulated with the other processes of your company or with others that are under our responsibility as a financial/administrative consulting firm.

We have been validating this work methodology through more than 120 corporate accounts with multinational and local clients, for about 10 years in sectors as dissimilar as professional services, BPO/Call Center, industrial, software development, real estate, international marketers, health, education, NGOs, among others.


Our financial and accounting process support area is characterized by its focus on creating value for its clients, through the delivery of timely and useful accounting for decision making, as well as the support of its clients in key processes such as the recognition of the RTE for non-profit companies.
The convergence between groups of IFRS, the analysis with a financial perspective in the results of the companies and the physical taking of inventories among other key processes for the organization among which is the accounting outsourcing oriented to its opportunity and not only to the fulfillment of the legal dispositions, for PGA-CE the achievement of its strategic objectives is our goal.


Our area of support to tax processes supports its clients through compliance with legal provisions on tax matters, in the management of tax credit balances (during the last 5 years we have achieved the recovery of about 80 billion pesos), the fulfillment of their formal duties in tax matters, the attention of audit visits of the tax directorates and tax planning of their obligations, making more efficient use of economic resources available to companies in meeting their tax obligations, for PGA-CE the achievement of its strategic objectives is our goal.


Our area of support to processes related to payroll and human resources through its experience and commitment has allowed us to manage payrolls for more than 4. 000 workers distributed throughout most of the national territory go with our processes related to the settlement of their payroll, their social security payroll, the settlement of labor contracts, but also with the fulfillment of processes related to human resources and compliance with legal provisions such as the recovery of disability and maternity leave, the response to requirements of the UGPP, the affiliations of employees to the general system of social security in Colombia among others associated with the fulfillment of corporate welfare, for PGA-CE the achievement of its strategic objectives is our goal.


Our area of assurance to financial and administrative processes from its comprehensive audit services among which we highlight the statutory audit, seeks to provide the various users of the information reasonable assurance on the adequacy or otherwise of the recognition of operations and compliance with provisions of the International Auditing Standards - NAI around the planning of an audit work, the evaluation of internal control, the development of audit procedures, for which we have professionals with experience of about 18 years in providing this kind of services to companies in various sectors of the economy, for PGA-CE the achievement of its strategic objectives is our goal.


The companies that are part of the PGA group are companies of Colombian capital, with extensive knowledge in the Colombian regulatory environment, focused on their commitment to lead their international and local clients in meeting their strategic growth objectives, for which they have a team of more than 30 professionals with the necessary commitment to make you feel comfortable to place your trust in us for the fulfillment of their growth goal.

Contact us, we are sure we can support you in meeting your goals. informacion@pga.com.co , PBX (601)3900550. informacion@pga.com.co, PBX (601)3900550.





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